Tuesday, September 17, 2013

minnie mouse

Outfit Details:
tank: thrifted, Victoria's Secret
belt: Kohl's, Croft and Barrow brand
purse: thrifted, H&M
skinny jeans: Gap
sandals: American Eagle
sunglasses: random kiosk
Long time no see! I took a little break from posting because I was getting increasingly frustrated by my photo quality...but I think I finally figured out what I was doing wrong! These photos don't look pixelated to me and the colors look as bright as I wanted. The red of this top looks so great against the blue sky, green grass and dark water. We shot these one evening out to dinner with Dustin's family. It's at one of our favorite restaurants "O'Malley's" which is a very laid-back place right on the water of Cayuga Lake, famous for it's crab legs and good times. People even drive their boats from all over to dock right at the restaurant. This place really represents summer to me and I'm so happy I made it out there at least once.
While these poka dots might be a bit over the top "minnie mouse," I absolutely love this outfit. I have worn the top without a belt before but it's just a tad too billowy... I suspect it may truly be a pajama top? I thought the belt tied in nicely with the purse and the brown on my sandals. It is a comfy and patriotic ensemble.
I have a lot more pictures coming soon! Now that I figured out some of the formatting issues I will not dread cropping photos quite as much. Happy end of summer/beginning of fall!