Tuesday, August 20, 2013

secret garden

Outfit Details:
tank top: Walmart
skirt: Target, Merona brand
shoes: Old Navy
bracelet: shop in Maine
sunglasses: random kiosk
Phew! I just got back from a crazy week! Took a bus to NYC, flew to San Diego, took a train to LA, flew back to NYC and then another bus back to Ithaca. It was an amazing time but I am exhausted! I guess it doesn't help that all we did was eat and drink and hardly sleep, right? Those photos will be coming shortly but first I wanted to show you guys my new pink skirt! 

Greg and I were both off one night so we decided to go out for Thai food and I convinced him to take some pictures. The background is a parking lot where the mayor of Ithaca has a reserved spot but decided to use it as a little garden with benches instead...sooo Ithaca! It's a pretty oasis in the otherwise concrete downtown.

The skirt is a new purchase and I have worn it a few times already. I love the color but I am most obsessed with how comfy it is! I might go back and grab it in some more colors... how cute would it be with tights and boots for the fall/winter? My favorite way to style it so far is with a chambray shirt. I've had the top for a while but it's my first time wearing it, can you believe it's from Walmart? I thought the twist in the back was so perfect.

Not really sure what's going on with my photos recently, they are getting very pixelated when I add them to my blog posts...any techies out there willing to help this noob? Stay tuned for photos from California!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

fancy eggs

Just a quick post today on a morning favorite of ours...breakfast burritos! Eggs in any shape or form are a go-to item for us and I just couldn't resist snapping a few pics of how pretty and colorful these wraps turned out. There's no recipe because it's just scrambled eggs with diced veggies and cheese, laid on a tortilla and smothered in salsa. They didn't look so hot when we rolled them up so I will spare you those images. They are delish and fast! 
Hope I made you hungry! Don't worry, we will be back to our scheduled broadcasting with outfit posts very soon. Think pink skirts and striped shirts...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

york street

Outfit Details:
t-shirt: Old Navy
shirt: Urban Outfitters, Staring at Stars brand
strappy wedges: Kohl's, Croft & Barrow brand
necklace: American Eagle
tote bag: Silk Oak
sunglasses: random kiosk

I'm finally back with a straight outfit post! I always take a lot of pics on trips but it is hard to remember and to squeeze in a photoshoot when you are running around with people who don't have blogs. I am really excited about this post because the photos turned out just as I had imagined. The light was pretty that day and the backgrounds were all nice surprises that we stumbled upon after eating brunch at one of our favorite restaurants.

The shirt-tucked-into-a-skirt has become my new go-to outfit on days off this summer. I love how flattering it can be and that it's so much dressier than shorts -- but not fancy. I blame my obsession on style blogs for making me pine over skirts all winter.

We walked around to a little street called York Street behind the restaurant and found this pathway to a creek. It was a small, quiet area that I had never been to and the greens of the trees were beautiful. 

I spent a while on my hair this morning and was happy how it turned out very messy-curly. I scrunched my hair with a new curly product and then when it was dry I added some spirals with my curling iron. Every day is an adventure when you have a blonde, lion's mane!

I have a few other posts ready to come at you soon so stay tuned!