Monday, April 29, 2013


I have a confession...I am addicted to cheetah print! I think it was one of those trends that I despised at first but slowly made it's way into my closet in every form; button-down shirt, cardigan, loafers, clutch and now a t-shirt. Maybe it's my deep desire to be a cat lady that allows me to connect so much with this pattern, or maybe I just love a piece that adds fun to an outfit. Whatever the reason may be, I do get a lot of compliments on my cheetah-wear! I picked up this top on my birthday shopping trip and I believe it's going to be a summer staple this year. 

The weather in upstate NY has been wacky, as usual, but it seems we have rounded a corner toward Spring. So nice to wear sandals! I wore this outfit to do some errands before work and ended up sleeping in the shirt that night, so comfy! I like that the neckline is a bit lower than a traditional crewneck t-shirt, and that the sleeves are a little bit longer. It is a super casual shirt that doesn't look too sloppy, and can be dressed up with a cardigan and long necklace. I really love how versatile the top is. I think the scarf gives it a light, bright Spring touch.
In these photos my hair is mostly air-dried, a bit blow-dried at the end. This is how I usually wear it in my lazy day-to-day life, I call it my hippie hair. I think Dustin started calling my crazy long hair that and I thought it was funny! I have been growing it for a long time and it is getting a bit hard to manage, but I think it looks good with this casual look.

Outfit Details
top: H&M
scarf: Forever 21, old
jeans: Gap
sandals: American Eagle
sunglasses: random boutique
watch: Citizen

Life has been mostly boring around these parts, although we did just sign a new lease that starts in June so that was a happy moment! I am trying to work a lot because signing a lease always comes with a fat deposit and costs for moving all our stuff... so I will feel a lot better once we are in and settled. Until then, I'm sure the sun and Spring flowers will entice me to get some outfit photos in. And my sister's college graduation is in May so that will call for some fun dresses!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

delta delta delta

Outfit Details
necklace: Francesca's
dress: Charlotte Russe, borrowed from sister
shoes: Kohl's, Elle brand

Yea I'm 24 and I went to a sorority formal... is that weird? These photos are from my sister Chelsea's formal...which happened to be in my parents' barn! My mom and dad own a small fruit and veggie farm and for the past few years my dad has been working hard to put up a HUGE barn. Recently we have started renting out the space for weddings and other events, but this was our first Greek life event. Of course Chels invited me and her friends to crash the party, and we had a blast. I unknowingly planned a get-together with my two college roommates that same weekend so they joined in. Ithaca College doesn't have sororities so it was kind of fun to pretend we were in one, even if their name isn't as cute as "Delta Delta Delta."
It was fun to dress up, drink and dance and be able to hang out with my family at the same time. We danced HARD and I felt like my knees might give out the next day, but my heels were surprisingly supportive throughout the night. I absolutely LOVE this dress of my sister's, and I will probably try to steal it...although I don't know where else I would wear it? It was so comfortable and I thought the peplum was quite flattering for a night of eating and drinking!
While Amy and Kate were in Ithaca we ran up to our old campus and reminisced about days gone by, and also walked around downtown and got lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. On Saturday afternoon we drove to Syracuse to spend some time at Amy's parents house and just relax and catch up. I fell asleep while we watched the Syracuse basketball game on TV...but that wasn't really shocking to anyone.

I hadn't seen these girls in months and it really felt like a breath of fresh air! I didn't realize how much I was missing them until they were here. It was nice to have people who truly know me and can also relate to where I am in my life better than most of my friends in Ithaca. They are pushing ahead in their careers a lot more than I am- but instead of feeling left behind, I feel inspired and invigorated to move ahead as well. We talked about some other get-togethers and trips for this summer and I can't wait to plan them!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

industrial chic

These photos were kind of a "planned" spur-of -the-moment thing...meaning that I knew I wanted Dustin to take them but I waited until the last second to ask him so he couldn't complain. I know, I'm a genius! I gave him the camera in the parking garage because the industrial background seemed like a good fit with this outfit. He always whines about taking blog photos but he's happy when he sees how they look in a new post. This look is from my sister's birthday dinner and I'm thrilled with how it turned out! 
Outfit Details
top: thrifted, Ann Taylor LOFT
belt: unknown
purse: thrifted, Forever 21
earrings: thrifted, no brand
skinny jeans: Gap
heels: Urban Outfitters, KimChi Blue brand

I recently picked up this shirt from a second hand store in Ithaca. I loved the loose, silky feel and look, the neckline, the slightly poofed shoulders and the tight cuffs...but I didn't love the color. I thought it would look good with black pants but I still wasn't in love with the just didn't feel like me. But now seeing it on me in the photos I think it looks nice with my hair and skin color. I was also a bit worried about just how loose the shirt was, but I think the belt totally fixed that issue and tied in the black elements.
I also attempted a middle part in my hair! I have shied away from these for years since it reminded me of bad hair days in middle school, but I've been wanting to try it again. My hair just seemed to want to go that way after I blow dried it, so I went with it. Next time I will try to give it a bit more volume, and maybe some waves. 
You know I love weird graffiti!
Instagram pic of Dustin and I at the restaurant. We are a pretty cute couple! 

We went with a group of six to a tapas place called "Just a Taste," and had a GREAT time. We each ordered two small orders and passed the plates around so we could all try stuff. The food was AMAZING and the experience was so fun and different, I think it felt like a more "adult" get-together...sometimes it's nice to be grown up!

Later that weekend my sister's sorority had a formal in my family's barn... great photos to come!


Friday, April 12, 2013

more saki, please

A new Japanese restaurant opened in Ithaca recently and we planned for a big group of people to go on Dustin's birthday. The place is located in a less than exciting strip mall so my expectations weren't very high...but it was AWESOME. It was so much nicer than I expected! The decor and atmosphere made it feel like a restaurant in a city, and it was big enough to have separate areas for the entry, the bar, tables, a sushi bar, the hibachi room and a private room for parties. We sat at the hibachi tables where the chef makes the food in front of you and it was entertaining, but the food was the highlight for me. SO GOOD! And they give you a lot of it! I think I may have taken 1,000 pictures during the whole meal.
Part of the whole experience is that the chef pours saki into everyone's mouth from a squirt bottle and tries to see how long they can stand it. The staff knew we had a birthday boy so I think they got a little crazy with the saki...I didn't participate (even though I looove saki,) because I didn't want it to run all down my face! Dustin's older brother and his gf visited from North Carolina so that made the night even more special and fun. 

At the end of the meal the lights dimmed and an employee brought out this mask and put it on Dustin! We were dying because the thing was so scary looking. Then we sang happy birthday and they gave him a little piece of cake with a candle.
We proceeded to go back downtown and KEEP drinking for a few more hours...which made my epic day of drinking even better. The next day was Easter and I was so hung over that I only had one beer! Oops. A least I documented every minute of the day. Outfit photos of Chelsea's birthday dinner shall be up shortly!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

black & white and red all over

Here's my wine tour/Hibachi/boozefest outfit from the other weekend. Dustin took these pictures when we were downtown having a quick drink with his family before dinner. I like how it looks as if I'm in a "city" even though in reality Ithaca is so small. It was a fun, goofy photo shoot and I like how it looks like I'm a celebrity smiling at the paparazzi in most of the pics. Maybe I am! my own mind.
Outfit Details
blazer: Kohl's, Candies brand
tank top: thrifted, Gap
skinny jeans: Gap
sunglasses: random boutique
bracelet: H&M
purse: thrifted, Aldo
shoes: Urban Outfitters, Kimchi Blue brand

I have been obsessed with stripes lately (as every other girl has been, especially bloggers,) so I was really happy with how this look turned out. My sister inspired me to buy this blazer, she has one a lot like it. It's kinda casual because it's cotton but it also makes the look a bit more pulled together. I have also been into nautical themes like red, white and blue, or in this case red, white and black. And I have always liked gold jewelry but recently I have tried to incorporate it into every outfit! I pretty much felt like a baller all day in this hot outfit. Originally I was going to wear flats or boots but the heels took it to a whole new level.

I have some great photos from the Hibachi dinner that are coming soon to a computer screen near you... :)


Sunday, April 7, 2013

wine down

So here are the Easter weekend wine tour photos finally!  My sister is a viticulture major (the study of winemaking) so we went to some wineries for her birthday. She works at the first one so we ended up staying there for a while...they even let her come behind the bar and pour for us! Wagners also has a brewery (YAY!!) so we sampled some beers as well. My aunt, mom, best friend and sister's boyfriend came along and we had a great day.

I had to rush back for Dustin's birthday dinner later that night and ended up taking outfit pics in Ithaca. We went to a new Hibachi restaurant and proceeded to drink even MORE... But don't worry I took the photos before dinner so they won't be too bad :) These photos will be up soon!