Wednesday, April 17, 2013

industrial chic

These photos were kind of a "planned" spur-of -the-moment thing...meaning that I knew I wanted Dustin to take them but I waited until the last second to ask him so he couldn't complain. I know, I'm a genius! I gave him the camera in the parking garage because the industrial background seemed like a good fit with this outfit. He always whines about taking blog photos but he's happy when he sees how they look in a new post. This look is from my sister's birthday dinner and I'm thrilled with how it turned out! 
Outfit Details
top: thrifted, Ann Taylor LOFT
belt: unknown
purse: thrifted, Forever 21
earrings: thrifted, no brand
skinny jeans: Gap
heels: Urban Outfitters, KimChi Blue brand

I recently picked up this shirt from a second hand store in Ithaca. I loved the loose, silky feel and look, the neckline, the slightly poofed shoulders and the tight cuffs...but I didn't love the color. I thought it would look good with black pants but I still wasn't in love with the just didn't feel like me. But now seeing it on me in the photos I think it looks nice with my hair and skin color. I was also a bit worried about just how loose the shirt was, but I think the belt totally fixed that issue and tied in the black elements.
I also attempted a middle part in my hair! I have shied away from these for years since it reminded me of bad hair days in middle school, but I've been wanting to try it again. My hair just seemed to want to go that way after I blow dried it, so I went with it. Next time I will try to give it a bit more volume, and maybe some waves. 
You know I love weird graffiti!
Instagram pic of Dustin and I at the restaurant. We are a pretty cute couple! 

We went with a group of six to a tapas place called "Just a Taste," and had a GREAT time. We each ordered two small orders and passed the plates around so we could all try stuff. The food was AMAZING and the experience was so fun and different, I think it felt like a more "adult" get-together...sometimes it's nice to be grown up!

Later that weekend my sister's sorority had a formal in my family's barn... great photos to come!


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