Sunday, April 21, 2013

delta delta delta

Outfit Details
necklace: Francesca's
dress: Charlotte Russe, borrowed from sister
shoes: Kohl's, Elle brand

Yea I'm 24 and I went to a sorority formal... is that weird? These photos are from my sister Chelsea's formal...which happened to be in my parents' barn! My mom and dad own a small fruit and veggie farm and for the past few years my dad has been working hard to put up a HUGE barn. Recently we have started renting out the space for weddings and other events, but this was our first Greek life event. Of course Chels invited me and her friends to crash the party, and we had a blast. I unknowingly planned a get-together with my two college roommates that same weekend so they joined in. Ithaca College doesn't have sororities so it was kind of fun to pretend we were in one, even if their name isn't as cute as "Delta Delta Delta."
It was fun to dress up, drink and dance and be able to hang out with my family at the same time. We danced HARD and I felt like my knees might give out the next day, but my heels were surprisingly supportive throughout the night. I absolutely LOVE this dress of my sister's, and I will probably try to steal it...although I don't know where else I would wear it? It was so comfortable and I thought the peplum was quite flattering for a night of eating and drinking!
While Amy and Kate were in Ithaca we ran up to our old campus and reminisced about days gone by, and also walked around downtown and got lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. On Saturday afternoon we drove to Syracuse to spend some time at Amy's parents house and just relax and catch up. I fell asleep while we watched the Syracuse basketball game on TV...but that wasn't really shocking to anyone.

I hadn't seen these girls in months and it really felt like a breath of fresh air! I didn't realize how much I was missing them until they were here. It was nice to have people who truly know me and can also relate to where I am in my life better than most of my friends in Ithaca. They are pushing ahead in their careers a lot more than I am- but instead of feeling left behind, I feel inspired and invigorated to move ahead as well. We talked about some other get-togethers and trips for this summer and I can't wait to plan them!


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