Monday, April 1, 2013

casual friday

Outfit Details
shirt: H&M
belt: Urban Outfitters
bracelets: gift
jeans: Gap
boots: department store, CA Collection by Carrini brand

Okay, so I wore this on Thurday... but that just doesn't sound as good. I had quite an eventful weekend! I even have another outfit post waiting to put out  later this week...I know, shocking! It helps when I have 4 days off... Anyway, On Thursday my aunt drove into town to visit us for a long weekend and we met her at lunch. I was excited to wear this shirt because I never wear it to work for fear it will be immediately stained. I love how it's just the lightest shade of pink so it's a little more interesting than a plain white top. I enjoy the fact that it's slouchy but with the belt it looks a bit more dressy...most of my favorite outfits run along these lines. I was also happy with how my hair turned out, I kind of pinned it back in a hurry.

After lunch I went shopping and used some coupons to get great deals at Gap, Old Navy and Victoria's Secret... so that's pretty much my definition of a great day. After that Dustin and I just lounged around and basked in the glory of a lazy day off. On Friday I went on a wine tour with my family and then out to dinner with Dustin's family to celebrate his those photos may be a bit more entertaining!

Stay tuned for my wine tour fashion photos!


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