Monday, April 29, 2013


I have a confession...I am addicted to cheetah print! I think it was one of those trends that I despised at first but slowly made it's way into my closet in every form; button-down shirt, cardigan, loafers, clutch and now a t-shirt. Maybe it's my deep desire to be a cat lady that allows me to connect so much with this pattern, or maybe I just love a piece that adds fun to an outfit. Whatever the reason may be, I do get a lot of compliments on my cheetah-wear! I picked up this top on my birthday shopping trip and I believe it's going to be a summer staple this year. 

The weather in upstate NY has been wacky, as usual, but it seems we have rounded a corner toward Spring. So nice to wear sandals! I wore this outfit to do some errands before work and ended up sleeping in the shirt that night, so comfy! I like that the neckline is a bit lower than a traditional crewneck t-shirt, and that the sleeves are a little bit longer. It is a super casual shirt that doesn't look too sloppy, and can be dressed up with a cardigan and long necklace. I really love how versatile the top is. I think the scarf gives it a light, bright Spring touch.
In these photos my hair is mostly air-dried, a bit blow-dried at the end. This is how I usually wear it in my lazy day-to-day life, I call it my hippie hair. I think Dustin started calling my crazy long hair that and I thought it was funny! I have been growing it for a long time and it is getting a bit hard to manage, but I think it looks good with this casual look.

Outfit Details
top: H&M
scarf: Forever 21, old
jeans: Gap
sandals: American Eagle
sunglasses: random boutique
watch: Citizen

Life has been mostly boring around these parts, although we did just sign a new lease that starts in June so that was a happy moment! I am trying to work a lot because signing a lease always comes with a fat deposit and costs for moving all our stuff... so I will feel a lot better once we are in and settled. Until then, I'm sure the sun and Spring flowers will entice me to get some outfit photos in. And my sister's college graduation is in May so that will call for some fun dresses!


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