Sunday, May 12, 2013

blue & gold

outfit details:
shirt: Walmart
necklace: Macy's
skinny jeans: Gap
leopard loafers: Gap
earrings: Francesca's

I think that it's finally Spring here! I couldn't resist taking photos in front of these gorgeous yellow flowers, they made my new royal blue shirt pop even more. Although Walmart isn't my favorite place, they are good for some amazing deals. I always get sucked into looking at the clothes and I recently scored this top for some absurdly low price like $3. How do you turn down a $3 shirt? You don't. Especially when it has sequins on the pocket. My high school's colors were blue and gold and these photos made me a little nostalgic for the good old days!

I love this new necklace because it's the perfect piece for a casual outfit: it adds a point of interest and some bling without taking the look too fancy. The earrings might be too flashy for this easy look but I couldn't resist wearing them, and I think my hippie hair keeps the outfit casual. I have been looking for loafers ever since they became trendy but I could never find ones for a reasonable price that were comfortable until now. The loafers are the newest animal print item in my collection!
Sunny weather makes me want to take more outfit photos! Wahoo! We FINALLY booked our trip to Maine for the first week of June and I am SOO excited! It will be a nice break after having to move all of our stuff out of our apartment the week before that. Many photos to come!


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