Friday, November 8, 2013

the falls in autumn

Outfit Details
chambray top: Gap
tan cardigan: Old Navy
floral scarf: American Eagle
watch: Michael Kors
black skinnies: Gap
boots: Kohl's
sunglasses: random kiosk

Long time no post, blah, blah, blah. Anyway! I actually have a good excuse this time, I started a new job on the first of October! I am an administrative assitant at an accounting firm and really liking it. But wow, what an adjustmenmt. Working food service for the past 3 years didn't exactly prepare me for an 8-5 office position.Getting up at 7am didn't seem so bad at first when I was totally excited to have a new job, but as the weeks go on it gets harder and harder. Turning the clocks back did help by adding some more sunlight in the morning, though. But all in all it has been a great life change. I have a much better hourly rate, I never have to work nights or weekends, I get a lunch break and I actually get to sit down! And let's be honest about the best part: not having to worry about getting food or coffee on my clothes and getting to dress up every day! Dream come true.

I am totally inspired to start a "what I wore to work" section and post about how to dress for an office. I think I am finally adjusted enough to find time for that... but we'll see. The photos in this post were from the end of Autumn when it was still warm and sunny enough to not need a jacket. Dustin and I just hopped in the car on our day off and ended up at Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca. It's in a part of town that I rarely go to so I often forget that this beautiful site is so close by. In the summer there are kids and families everywhere swimming and lounging in the park but in the Fall you can get the place almost to yourself.

It almost looks like a fake background, right? I was overjoyed with how my hair and outfit turned out, everything really came together how I wanted it to! I recently cut 6 inches off my hair and dyed it brown so I am a little nostaligic for the blonde curls, but they'll be back someday. This outfit is actually a "saw it. pinned it. wore it" type deal, scroll to the bottom to see my inspiration!

I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest for outfit ideas--and this one I downright stole! I consider myself a creative person but I would have never thought of this combo. I have lots of layering ideas for winter in the office- so stay tuned for more!
Check out the blog that this pin is from! And stop by my Pinterest boards to see what I do all day ;)

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