Monday, June 17, 2013

grad style

Outfit Details:
dress: H&M
necklace: flea market
belt: Old Navy
tights: Hue
shoes: Urban Outfitters, KimChi Blue brand
clutch: thrifted, Forever 21

Looking back now, I think maybe I should have turned that last post into 2 separate ones to help me spread it out... or start saving posts as drafts for days when I have no time... either way I haven't been a very consistent blogger and that has got to change!

I believe the problem is that I am a very creative person, but that creativity often turns into perfectionism. Sometimes I feel that I don't have time to edit my photos perfectly and write interesting content to go with it, so I just don't do it at all. From now on I am going to try harder to post a few great photos with short descriptions and see if that helps me to update more frequently. That didn't really happen on this post...but oh well.

My sister graduated from Cornell University at the end of May and it was a great excuse to get dressed up and take pictures! My camera is currently f*cked up so these are all off my iPhone, but it would have been a hassle to carry my DSLR around campus all day anyway. I have been playing around with Photoshop and Picassa some more and loving it.

Dressing for the occasion was tricky because the weather forecast kept changing. It went from hot to cold, to rainy and back to hot. I had a summery dress initially picked out but opted for this more wintry look because I knew we would be sitting outside for much of the day and thought it was going to be freezing! I even had a blazer, coat, scarf and umbrella in the car. Needless to say I took the tights off later because I was dying in the sun.

My sister looked amazing (as usual) in a white peplum dress (JCPenny) and strappy wedges (Kohl's.) The ceremony was not too long and actually had some interesting speakers. After the university-wide ceremony we headed to a small gathering to watch students from her program receive diplomas. Her degree is in viticulture (wine-making,) so there was wine and cheese and good times to be had at the little reception we went to afterwards.

A bunch of our family members came up for the ceremony as well as our bestie Greg. 

It turned out to be a nice day and a fun time celebrating my sister's accomplishment! I guess I'm not the smart one anymore...!

Some Instagrams from the day:

Those pink things are long, blown-up gloves that the vet students held up throughout the ceremony...I thought it was hilarious!


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