Saturday, July 6, 2013

Portland, Maine

Outfit Details:
button down shirt: Gap
skinny jeans: Gap
sandals: American Eagle
watch: Citizen
lackluster hair-do: courtesy of the EIGHT HOUR car ride I had just completed

So June was a big month for me. In the span of a few weeks I crossed off a bunch of my bucket list items. And to make things even more interesting...we moved in the middle of it all! While moving was the WORST, our adventure to Portland, Maine definitely put me in a happier state of mind.

For some reason I have always wanted to go to Portland, Maine. Something about the photos and the culture seemed so similar to Ithaca-but different, too. I just had a feeling that I would love it and fit in really well. When one of my co-workers said she was planning a visit to Portland because she used to LIVE THERE I jumped at the chance to check it out with someone who knew the area. So Dustin and I hopped in the car with our friends Jill, Nate and Karlee and did a 3-day whirlwind tour of Portland.

There was SO MUCH to love about this city. So many old buildings, little shops, brick roads, bars and of course ocean views. We stayed in a place kind of like a Bed & Breakfast and were able to walk to many places. It was great to get up in the morning and just stroll down the sides walks and look at the amazing architecture and tree-lined streets. I think it was just the right kind of beautiful, peaceful place I needed to be in. After driving all night (I don't really recommend this,) we were tired but anxious to start seeing things so we headed to town and ended up in a brew pub that made their own beer and quickly felt at home. Jill and Nate had a lot of friends in the area-many who were restaurant workers so we were always in the company of fun people.
We did a lot of walking around and a lot of eating and drinking...and not much of anything else! It was a really great way to experience a new city and Dustin and I both came away feeling that we could easily move there and be happy. We are actually considering it down the road at some point!

One of my favorite parts about the area was all the signs! Signage and fonts and advertising have always been an interest of mine and there were just so many quirky signs to fit all the cute little shops. 

Dustin and I borrowed his Dad's camera for the trip and went a little nuts with the photos so stay tuned for more Maine!


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