Tuesday, July 30, 2013

first 5k

While that may not be the most flattering picture ever taken of me, it still makes me happy to look at. That's because it took a lot to get to this point! Around the time it started getting warmer around here, I saw a poster for a 10-week program to get in shape for a 5k. It was like a light went off above my head- that sounds like exactly what I need! I had just started the "Couch to 5k" program on my own and this happened to match up nicely with my training. So I went and got a 10-week membership to the gym putting on the challenge, and while I mostly ran outside and not the treadmill- I got MOTIVATED! I was committed to doing the race at the end and I knew I didn't want to have to walk. And I accomplished my goal!

I mostly kept it to myself when I started running, just in case I totally wimped out on the race...but I told my besties right away. While I trained alone almost the whole time leading up to the race, my sister and best friend Greg decided to join me the day of the 5k! They are both younger and more in shape than I, but they hadn't been running at all- so it felt great knowing I wouldn't be alone while huffing and puffing through the course. I was so nervous but we all finished without walking and it was great to feel like athletes again.

All three of us graduated different years from high school but we were all sprinters on the track team and each received the coveted end-of-the-year award given to one female and one male senior; "Most Outstanding Athlete." After years of binge-drinking and sleeping in, our running careers have taken a nose dive so we were on a high after finishing the race and realizing our bodies could still perform. I am excited to keep running and getting that feeling back!

I finished a few seconds under 30 mins (my goal!!!) and NEVER walked. It was really hard but so exhilarating!

We will be back with our regular programming soon, outfit posts!

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