Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Portland part 2

Outfit Details:
white top: Hanes mens' t-shirt
pink cardigan: Gap
blue scarf: borrowed from Karlee, American Eagle
bag: thrifted, H&M
jeans: Gap
sandals: Kohl's, SO brand

So these are the second installment of our Portland pictures, told you there was a lot! The place was just so beautiful- I felt like I wanted to capture everything. I think the fact that you could see the water in the distance from almost everywhere we went made it feel like every moment was photo-worthy. 

This coffee shop was called "Morning in Paris," and had the cutest french theme. Getting a coffee drink in the morning is just so comforting to me- it's probably the the only part about my morning routine I actually look forward to. I loved visiting new shops in Portland and seeing how the baristas work.

Dustin's outfit details:
shirt: American Eagle
pants: Gap
watch: Citizen
flip flops: American Eagle

The second day we were there we drove to a little town called Brunswick and ate at a restaurant called the "Sea Dog." We sat on their large deck that hung right over the water and got to watch men fish and cars go by on a beautiful bridge. They had awesome food and beer!

On the last day we went on a walk around the edge of Portland, which is really a peninsula, and looked at all the views of the water. I found out that some people even take the ferry to work every day!  If I ever move to Portland I would want to be near these awesome views. 

Some Instagrams from the trip:

Stay tuned for photos from my trip to NYC!

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