My name is Laura (but everyone calls me Lola,) and I have been reading blogs since way before it was cool. I love looking into other people's lives and being able to relate (or not relate) to women all over the globe.

I have enjoyed reading books and magazines from an early age, and writing always came easy to me. So I took a route that seemed obvious to me- get a degree in journalism. And while I had a great time in college and learned a lot, I don't currently  have a job in my field. I'm employed at a coffee shop as well as a restaurant, and while I'm (barely) paying my bills-I believe my brain may be turning to mush. So I'm going to attempt to channel my creative writing and photography into this blog and see how it goes! I hope it interests, entertains or inspires you!

My favorite blogs are about personal style, do-it-yourself projects, cooking, traveling and family life...so that's what I plan to deliver to you. I can't wait to get to know you all.



  1. Hi Lola. I enjoyed exploring your blog.
    Randy at http://randybamboo.com

  2. Hello! I'm your newest follower! I absolutely love your blog. :)