Sunday, March 17, 2013

birthday bitch

Outfit Details:
gold, sparkly vest: thrifted, no tag
white v-neck tee: Old Navy
bracelet: thrifted
purse: Gap
jeans: Old Navy
boots: Kohl's, Candies brand

Another busy week! At least I had one day off birthday! I turned 24...ugh. One year left before my quarter-life crisis. 

I'm gonna get real here...I always get sad on my birthday! Am I a spoiled brat or what? I think it's because I always build the day up in my mind into such an epic, unrealistic moment. And I often find myself missing people that I'm not with or can't be with. My birthday is always on spring break so it's been kind of a hard time to get together with everyone I want to see. This year my sister went to Miami over break and I really missed her! But she is a senior in college so she deserves to have a fun, crazy time. 

I did a lot this past year, but I'm not happy with where I am in my career. I think that is causing me a lot of unconscious (and conscious) anxiety. Looking ahead, that is the one thing I want to focus on while I'm 24. Maybe I just need the number 25 looming in the distance to get me going...I have always worked better under pressure, with a deadline.

Anyway! After I was done feeling sorry for myself (being a birthday bitch,) I had a great day. Dustin woke up and went and brought back breakfast sandwiches, coffee, flowers and a card...! Honestly I would have been thrilled with the day if that's all I did. That is my definition of happiness right there. But then we did my other favorite thing in life... went SHOPPING.
Dustin volunteered to go to the Syracuse mall with me all day! That is a miracle. The mall (now called Destiny USA,) has recently undergone renovations to become one of the biggest in the country and it was overwhelming how awesome it was. Our mall in Ithaca is literally PATHETIC and shouldn't even be called a mall so I was like a kid in a candy store yesterday. We were planning on coming home and getting ready (and putting on contacts and makeup) and going out to dinner...but we ended up being there all day, oops. I got a bunch of stuff from Gap and H&M, and some necklaces from a boutique. I didn't even make it into half the stores I wanted to, but I decided that I should probably visit the TWO-STORY Forever 21 store by myself, on another weekend. And Dustin's mom bought me a COACH bag! Okay, I am officially spoiled. I was really surprised that she got me such a special gift, and am really excited to wear it out!

It's so beautiful and trendy and I feel awesome wearing it!

Here's a few Instagrams from recently:

1. My one and only "selfie pic." I liked my hair and makeup that day!
2. I went out to dinner with an old friend Robin that I hardly ever see and we ended up eating/drinking/talking ALL night!
3. Deposited SIX paychecks at once. Saving my checks is my new way to not spend money!
4. When my friend Kasey visited from Boston I went out with her, my sister and one of my best friends Greg.
5. The view from my bed: Myrtle and Dustin. :)
6. We FINALLY got couches. We've been living here since June.
7. Me and my Coach purse!!
8. Couches are for napping.

Happy birthday to me!

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