Sunday, March 10, 2013

global warming winter

Another busy week gone by. I have been working A LOT lately because I have a few trips planned in the coming months so I'm trying to save up. One of my best friends Kasey visited this week from Boston so I got to hang out with her a bit, but mostly worked and worked. So I'm cheating in this post and using pictures from a year ago, March 2012. I got REALLY behind in uploading photos onto Facebook but finally just put these up yesterday. It was an unusually warm day and Dustin and I went to a gorge near downtown. We grabbed coffee on one of the busiest streets in Ithaca and then walked two streets over to a peaceful waterfall...this is why I love our city.

Since it was still winter, the path was gated off. In the summer you can walk up past the falls from downtown and end up by Cornell University. After these few nice couple of days it ended up getting cold again so I was so glad we got out and took some photos.

After we checked out the water we walked through a couple of cute streets and just looked at the views and the setting sun. I also snapped a pic of the cute little mouse graffiti and the piano art on the side of a music center. There is a lot of random street art in Ithaca and I love to document it!
Outfit Details
Jean jacket: H&M, (from middle school!)
Dress: thrifted, Old Navy
Boots: Kohl's, Apt. 9 brand
Gray Purse: Gap

Today was also unusually warm for March, but sadly Dustin and I were both stuck at work all day. I will just look at these pictures and pretend for now. Winter is almost over!


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