Tuesday, March 5, 2013

mr. domestic

Mmm, stirfry! One night last week we had time to make a nice dinner...and somehow I got Dustin to make it! Haha, he is a good cook when he tries. The first few times I made the dish and showed him how I did it, and now he makes it better than me! Probably because I always overcook the chicken due to the worry of it being raw in the middle...its a big fear of mine! The veggies came in a package already cut up so we really didn't do that much...but hey! 

Dustin is the master flipper. I always feel like the pan is too heavy to get much flipping action going on!  First we cut up the chicken into small strips and seasoned and cooked that. Then we took the chicken off and cooked some scrambled eggs. Then we took them off and cooked the veggies. The key to all of it is to cook on low heat so it goes slow. I am impatient and always put it way too hot and ruin it. And don't forget to season everything! When the veggies start to look done we add the chicken and eggs back on, and also add some "stir-fry sauce." 


It was delicious! We were supposed to have rice but I somehow managed to mess that up... and I thought I was the domestic one? 

I thought I would finally introduce you to our other family member, Myrtle the cat. There will be many more photos to come of this little girl. We adopted her from the shelter a few months ago and I am pretty much obsessed! I have wanted a cat my whole life so she makes me very happy :) She came to the shelter from a hoarding situation (the house had around 50 cats) so she is a very skittish cat, scared of every noise...but she's getting better. She enjoys laser pointers and sleeping in small, dark places. Meeeooow!


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