Wednesday, February 27, 2013

late love

Happy late Valentine's Day! I had a busy week and weekend so the MANY photos are just coming now. Dustin and I both decided to take the whole day off and I am so glad we did. We got up late, exchanged gifts, went to breakfast/lunch at Ithaca Bakery, and then lounged around and got ready for dinner.

This next photo is of all the goodies I got my bf. He has recently become a tea enthusiast so that's the theme I went with. The card reads "I love your guts!" you guys say that dumb expression? He got me a gift certificate to a spa for a MASSAGE...! Dream come true. And yes, our cat is in the top of the photo.
We went to dinner with Dustin's boss and a co-worker of ours. We went to a downtown Ithaca restaurant called "Simeon's," which had an amazing list of Valentine's Day specials. These are some before-pics in the hallway of our apartment complex.

My meal; duck, rice and Brussels sprouts. AMAZING.
Our friend's sea bass dish , and Dustin with his lobster and salmon.


 After we stuffed ourselves and lingered over some cocktails we walked down to a college bar for one last beer before heading home.

Did a quick photo shoot in an alley on our way out...and then I managed to fall on the stairs to our apartment. I should have known those shoes were too much. How was your V-day?
Outfit Details
Dress: Kohl's, Daisy Fuentes brand
(way too high) Heels: Kohl's, Candies brand
Purse: thrifted, Forever 21
Coat: Old Navy



  1. Teach me your photography WAYS! Now! You look like you've been blogging for twenty years.

  2. My mouth IMMEDIATELY started watering at every single food picture.... You make me miss home SO bad!! Such a cute dress too- perfect V-day colors! Your blog is the first I've ever followed and I look forward to your updates! I check it every day (usually when I'm supposed to be paying attention during class...) and I'm always sad on days that you don't post. So keep it up! Love ya!

  3. P.S. I died a little bit laughing at the idea of you falling in those heels... :)

  4. Thanks guys!! I do love taking pictures :) I do have to give Dustin some credit for taking my outfit pics... But I direct him ;) and I am going to try to post more often, thanks for reading! And the fall was badddddd. Whole body on the ground, hair in the mud, scraped knee!