Thursday, February 7, 2013

dinner time

Me and the boyfriend were home together at a normal dinner hour tonight so I decided to use one of my million pinned recipes on Pinterest, enchiladas! I actually don't remember what food I used to make before that amazing site was invented. Actually, I made spaghetti with sauce every other day. Yay for some variety!

We both like to cook but I'm definitely the more inventive one. I'm also the only one worried about cost and nutritional value. Here are some of my challenges when making meals:

 1. It needs to be easy. If there's too many intricate steps I will never make it. Or I will attempt it and we won't eat for 5 hours.

2. It can't be too pricey. The bf and I both work in food service so we end up eating out A LOT. Like a ridiculous amount. And eating out is bad for the wallet, so when we make food at home I try to save money.

3. It needs to be somewhat healthy. Eating out is even worse for my gut than it is for my wallet. I try to avoid recipes that use a lot of bad stuff like cream, butter, frying, etc. And Dustin isn't one to chow down on veggies or fruit or whole wheat, so I have a fun time sneaking them in.

4. It has to be delish! I'm not picky. Like, to the point that I will eat almost anything. But did I mention that Dustin's mom is one of the best cooks EVER? And she never made him eat anything he didn't want to? THE KID IS PICKY! I make stuff just for me all the time, but for dinner I try to find things that he will love too.

Tonight I made "Skinny Chicken Sour Cream Enchiladas." I adapted this recipe from the blog "Skinny Mom." I was drawn in by the photos and the easy ingredient list, and by the "skinny" word. I forgot to take photos during my cooking process because I'm a n00b at blogging, but I did get some of my results shots!

The recipe made 8 enchiladas but that was way too much for two people so we only made 4. The other side of the pan does look a bit lonely though...


Now that I think about it, I'm not sure how "skinny" the recipe really was, but they were delicious so I'd say it was a success! What's your favorite easy, healthy recipe?



  1. You're officially a blogger when you get pissed that you made a successful meal if you forgot to take pictures of each step. Or when you make everyone wait to eat until you can get a shot. Or when you're that weird girl at a restaurant trying to sneak a picture of your "cute" margarita glass...

  2. Hahaha I'm always the weird girl trying to take photos at odd times anyway, so it works!