Saturday, February 16, 2013

the tallest waterfall

After our jaunt to the coffee shop last week we headed over to a beautiful spot in the Finger Lakes region, Taughannock Falls. These photos are taken from an overlook point, but you can also walk a gorge trail and end up right at the base of the waterfall. That trek is a bit more enjoyable in the summer. This past summer it was so dry that the waterfall was more like a trickle, and made for pretty lame photos. Today it was rushing and it was an awesome sight to see!

I may have dropped my sunglasses in the snow...

 My cute boyfriend Dustin, all bundled up!

It's actually "the highest free-falling waterfall in the northeastern United States," according to the website about the state park it's in. That makes it higher than Niagara Falls! We had a lot of fun visiting the site, even though we've been there a million times. What kind of natural beauty do you have in your area?


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  1. Oh my goodness gracious, cutest thing ever?! Yes I do believe so.