Wednesday, February 6, 2013

bucket list barista

Do you have a bucket list?

I have a few lists I've written down over the years, but most of my ideas are memorized by now. Something I crossed off this last year was..."Become a barista!"

I started drinking coffee my junior year of college when I had to get up early (not really that early,) look presentable, and get to an internship on time every day. This is when I finally saw how wonderful coffee could be, and I never looked back. I realized that Dunkin' Donuts was awful, Starbucks was okay, and that the real espresso bars in my city were gooooood.

When I desperately needed a second job last year I applied at a coffee shop and started learning how to make awesome drinks. Did I mention that the place also sells gourmet food, candy, cheese...and beer? Yea it's amazing.

I love getting free coffee! I started drinking soy milk a lot more at work this year too, I think it tastes better with espresso. What's your favorite coffee drink?

I'm done at the coffeeshop for this week, and off to the Mediterranean restaurant I work at tomorrow morning. Mmmmmm falafel!!

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  1. Gross. Coffee is not good. But you already knew this. I may or may not be crossing one of my own bucket list items off this weekend...a Harry Potter marathon! All right movies in ONE weekend.