Friday, February 22, 2013

follow the north star

We had some good eats! This past weekend my family and I went out to dinner to a cute restaurant in Ithaca. This is a pretty big deal for us, as my mom and dad don't get out much, haha! All jokes aside though, they own a small fruit and veggie farm that's really busy in the summer and then they work hard to conserve money during the winter. So my sister and I bought them a gift certificate so they would have no excuse not to come out. It was a great time!

We went to "Northstar House," which puts a focus on fresh, local produce in their dishes; they actually buy veggies from my parents in the summer. I knew they would love this place! Unfortunately these are the only two photos I got inside...I guess talking and eating took priority over documenting.

Later on I begged my sister and best friend to trudge into the snow to get some outfit photos for me! While this may not be runway-worthy, I thought it was a cute ensemble and a good use of what I had. It's a wintry outfit perfect for a casual dinner with your parents, sister and grandma! My sister goes to Cornell University and these pictures were taken in we definitely got some stares from kids on their way to the bars. 

Outfit details
White long-sleeve shirt: Target
Maroon short-sleeve sweater: The Limited, thrifted
Birds necklace: online, so long ago it's been forgotten
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Kohl's, Candies brand

I think my parents are getting a new dog this weekend, so hopefully I will be back to post about that soon!



  1. Oh god you already have the fashion blogger poses down.

    And umm a new PUPPY?!!!! I can't wait!

  2. Yayyyy I will be the best fashion blogger!