Monday, February 4, 2013

blog butterflies

Hello bloggers!

This is my first post on my fancy new blog. I actually have butterflies while I'm writing lame am I? I believe that I am EXTRA excited about this because I've been contemplating this moment for way too long.

I got into reading blogs a few years ago and I was SO hooked. I had always enjoyed reading books and magazines, especially when it gave me a window into someone else's life- so blogs were like crack to me. Over the years I have been through stints where I read blogs for hours a day, and then went months without checking on any. My enjoyment was always renewed when I eventually came back to blogs.

While there's certain blogs I've been reading for years- I have hardly ever interacted with people or left comments. It was enough for me just to look and read, but now I feel like I want more. I have been dreaming of having my own blog for so long- but something always stopped me. I felt like I didn't have time, didn't have a tripod, wasn't skinny enough, didn't have enough nice clothes, had a boring life, etc. This is a common theme of my life-to wait to act until *just* the right moment. But it is stupid! There is no perfect moment to start a blog, so I'm going for it now.

It is going to take me a while to make this baby great, so try to stick with me while I learn how to revamp my blog into loveliness. I'm going to post all about my life, interests and thoughts which include but are not limited to; fashion, hair, beauty, decorating, cooking, reading, writing, photography, TV&movies, politics, tattoos, culture, love, drinking beer, coffee, music, cats, names, my boyfriend, working, family, farms, sleeping, etc.

I'm a 20-something girl with a lot to say- so keep stopping by!

--Love, Lola

P.S. My blog name is an old phrase that means "Just for fun." That's a pretty good reason to start a blog, right?

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